deal sourcing & investor relations transcended

Automate pipeline management, relationship tracking and deal making through actionable intelligence.




Relationship Management at its best

No time wasted! Aura automatically syncs contacts and company and fills profile with relevant information from your email.

  • Easily Manage automatically create profiles and add as many as you’d like from our database.
  • Add & Edit any relevant information and adapt the profile to your needs and specifities.
  • Assign your funds and teams, and quickly access Financial & ESG Information.

Pipeline & Investor Management

It’s easier to close deals and win investors when you have the full picture. We will give you the information you need: who knows who and who’s working on what?

  • Assess relationship strength with all your contacts.
  • Identify the interlocutors for each need, and directly reach out to them.
  • Manage your tasks, processes and documents on the platform with clear visibility on updates and progress.


Powerful insights drive powerful relationships. Powerful relationships get you a step closer to the best deals.

  • Insightful customizable reporting for all opportunities and Limited partners.
  • Reporting on teams and users progress to optimize collaborators’ performance.

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