Pipeline & Investor Management

CRM Module to manage the pipeline flow and optimize investor relation management with powerful insights.


The Digital Renaissance

Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas and knowledge, and collaborate on projects in ways that were not possible before.


Automated Data Entry

Email synchronization and powerful API allowing the extraction of all contacts and organization and create a profile for each using information from our partner.

Search new companies and contacts by name or by website/email and add automatically enriched profiles directly to your list.

Regularly updated information from our Partner. All Information can also be edited manually.

Regularly updated information from our Partner. All Information can also be edited manually.

Workflow Management

Choose the nature of the relationship of the organization you are associated with: Opportunity or LP and fill specific fields for each.

You can assign opportunities and LPs to your Funds, manage the ticket size or the commitment, as well as the status of advancement of both your investors (enrolled or perspective) and your opportunities.

Take public notes, create tasks by status of advancement, share documents with your colleagues and follow their progress on real basis while accessing all what they are working on.

Export/Import the financials of your opportunities easily to follow up on their performance and fill impact data to monitor the value created by the opportunity assessed.

Organization Reporting

  • Automated reporting generated on Opportunities and LPs with all
    available filters.
  • Automatically generated financial reporting to give GPs insight on their
    prospect deal’s performance.

Team Reporting

  • Automated reporting generated on team tasks and number of
    LPs/Opportunities taken care of.
  • Automatically generated reporting on user performance : Number of
    deals/number of open/closed tasks and strength of relationship.