The Need for a Digital Renaissance in PE/VC:

A sector lagging behind:

Process Automation Solutions are a major challenge for alternative investment players. They make it possible to process simple, repetitive and time-consuming actions more quickly. Today, companies have every interest in acquiring process automation solutions in order to reduce their costs and improve the quality of work of the teams.
Players in the Private Equity market are lagging behind in their digital transformation, especially with regard to their own activity (booking of transactions, regulatory and investor reporting, collection of data from underlying assets, orchestration of deal flow processes, etc).
Many of them have until now worked manually with Excel spreadsheets. However, now, the pressure on margins is significant, due in particular to the growing bargaining power of investors. Digitization would therefore allow funds to reduce their operational costs. Process automation must cover all asset management functions.

Better equipped for better results:

The implementation of a digital transformation strategy is essential to help alternative investment players to:
  • Achieve efficiency and effectiveness gains,
  • Improve internal (between the Front, Middle and Back Office) and external communication with investors, asset services, auditors, etc.
  • Have better readability, quality and reliability of the data,
  • Automate certain time-consuming tasks in order to spend more time analyzing high value-added tasks,
  • Reduce operational costs,
  • Make decisions more reliable and faster,
  • Respond to increasingly specific regulatory requests,
  • To serve increasingly demanding investors.
The digitization of the sector comes with many challenges for companies:
  • Make substantial investments in digital solutions,
  • Strengthen the skills of its teams with talents that are still rare,
  • Design customized tools to meet very specific needs.

The benefits are quickly felt. Indeed, these initiatives make it possible to simplify and optimize investment decision-making. The optimization of data processing and efficiency gains significantly improve the productivity of teams as a whole. As societies develop, data becomes a central and major issue. The ideal PE/VC software will allow the centralization and sharing of data in a common repository. Proven software also makes data and information more reliable. The data will be able to be used in the best possible way with a view to simplifying the generation of Reporting, internal and external, in order to respond to increasingly complex requests.